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  1. 1212 __ajj

    I am so Excited 😆 👏🏽

  2. Halima Tazi

    Honestly this song is killer. Best song by far

  3. lauryn

    love the autotune😍❤️

  4. Norah Turner

    this song really hits when its muted and ur brightness is all the way down

  5. ŘÂŽÂ ŇÊ

    This is the same guy he was with anasala family omggggg

  6. Malak Channouf

    hello dixie pls comme in BELGIUM in Brussel pls pls pls y love you

  7. Lyndsay

    76,686 VIEWS AHHHHH

  8. K Dickerson


  9. Lydie REXAND

    Salut tous le monde j'adore dixie ❤

  10. karina peters


  11. XxGalaxy_GachaxX


  12. Isabel Michalik

    I can’t believe it’s been a year bro…

  13. Totally TikTokish

    Is it her singing tho 😑😔

  14. Brithney Duke

    Gotta be honest this the best yet

  15. Egal

    the 'HUH' sound at 1:25 is from charli she 'sang' it and the producer added it

  16. Kanika kaur

    Omg i never knowed Whats google actually (Just kidding love u)

  17. ok bye


  18. Danielle Nichols

    Mads and Jaden vibes

  19. Artes Pintura Ana Estrela


  20. Luis Antonio

    Where do you find that performance?

  21. Camila Provitina

    I love you

  22. electralexa

    Her sponsor roasted her, (...but it’s google so congrats, that’s a reflection of our culture!) I wish she’d laugh to show some self awareness on addressing that rumor. You seem to be coming into your own on this show, total props! Some things take practice & I’m enjoying seeing it progress, truly!

  23. Egal

    OMG 1:03🤯😍

  24. Shane Cabigting

    Ahh my nerves can relate to this song. 😚❤️😂 Btw I'm looking for a music video 😂 it will be a blast for sure ❤️ congrats Dixie, this is a great great song 😚🤜🤛

  25. MTatesyum E

    Late to this but Late is Early in this show....🤷‍♂️

    1. Caio (◠‿・)—☆


    2. Caio (◠‿・)—☆

      Tube pumium

  26. Different Sisters

    why is dixie lip singing to her own song on her own show?????

  27. Haya Alhammadi

    I love this song

  28. Cecilia jimenez

    beautiful 🤗🤗

  29. Haya Alhammadi

    I’m a didxiedamilio fanpage hi Dixie

  30. Juan Morgan

    Pov:lo viste por trippierepp

    1. Juan Morgan


    2. Juan Morgan



    Qué cringe


    Y el talento donde está ?

  33. H4IM

    I love You<333

  34. Irma

    Yessss Queen

  35. vanessa

    she has such a boring personality, how yall watch this

  36. rihab


  37. Geaty788

    This is so cool i’m so excited and I can’t wait until it drops 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  38. sunnysunflower🌻

    H Yesss girl!!!!!!!

  39. Supreme QUEEN

    She's sooo pretty and love that she's showing more personality compared to before!

  40. Amy Neill


  41. McKenzie Rock

    She should've made this song after Noah cheated

  42. theyyyluv.Alanna Williams

    Omg I can't wait I been waiting for the mv for so long yesss

  43. CharlixRebel

    I love dixie 🦋

  44. Ash Gz

    Why was this so awkward 😭

  45. CharlixRebel

    I love you dixie 🥰

  46. CharlixRebel

    I love this💕

  47. Mochi Toys

    Ok but this song with 1 ear phone--

  48. Muna Ahmed

    Remas loves you

  49. Muna Ahmed

    very beautiful back i love you

  50. pascal fritsch

    C’est une icône

  51. Nora!


  52. Rayan Butera

    is she really showing us how to use Google ? 😶

  53. Haerrystyles_1dedits

    Not me watch this because of harry, album



  55. Zeke Goodwin

    No internationals is truthful if you want to find the truth read the Bible

  56. Maddie Grey

    I love this song

  57. Shantal Bachan

    This vlog alone should show people out there that she gets unnecessary hate she is an inspiration to many young kids too her music gets better and better and she is talented and hardworking.

  58. Sibongile Sings

    This is gonna be a bop I can already feel the rhythm you're an angel

  59. Tamara AlBukhari

    we stan larray 🤪 and the harry album 😫

  60. mjmgames

    why do you like charli damelio

  61. jasmin leqs


  62. Sam

    I’m proud to say that this is actually listenable she’s come a long way in the music industry

  63. Sam

    I’m proud to say that I can actually listen to this Dixie has gone a long way in her music

  64. Sam

    Never in a million years did I ever expect Dixie to be on released

  65. Arielle Smith

    When Dixie said she wanted a burger i was dying out laughing. P.S. I would choose a burger

  66. Katie Alvarez

    lol its been a yearr.

  67. Mia Vidovic

    You are soo beautifal Dixie!!!💕💕 I lovee youuu!

  68. Nancy Garcia

    She’s so sweet

  69. Noah l

    Plz go see the videos

  70. Noah l

    I have a HRaero and I like you Dixie and Charli

  71. Irma Ode Medina

    Charli do you like your nintendo 🙂🙂🙂🙂

  72. D for Dolls and l for lol doll

    Heidi:dixie Dixie:whattt Heidi:She Said not too take Those out

  73. Milena Kikita



    Ok but can we appreciate Larry for bringing HARRY STYLES album with him ? We Stan a 👑HARRY STAN👑

  75. Kelly Vicente


  76. Ása Weihe

    You don't need makeup you are pretty without but also with

  77. amir alcherani

    Opportunities, opportunities and opportunities