Talking About F***BOY

Dixie D'Amelio

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    1. Faten Daoud

      1:16 the stare that Noah gave to chase

    2. Mia !

      congrats 🎊

    3. JenoX Kox

      fajna jakosc

    4. Skye and Farah

      Love ya Dixie say hi to Charlie for me pls

    5. LLL spooked out

      I'm not scared of saying swear words I say them to my worst enemy's John and Conner and Gavin here I say it 321 fuck

    6. Unbox That

      Cant thank you enough for all the busts I did to your Tik toks

    7. Unicorn Mishti's World


    8. Susan Nastaly



      I needed a whole pot of rice for this..

    10. Worlds Of Fun

      You're Discusting EW !

    11. siennaeatstoes

      “some of my friends” bro thats all my classes combined in that room i-

    12. Ειρήνη Παρασκευοπούλου

      Dixie is very pretty and cute.🙃 I love Dixie d'amelio 😘🌹😍❤️

    13. itdshoeygaming

      Nobody chavadi in the back:💃💃💃💃👯

    14. Hector Mejía

      Where is Olivia Rodrigo

    15. Hector Mejía

      And Olivia Rodrigo ????

    16. Monique Santos

      markell waves dixie claps markell all those claps everyone caps*

    17. imposter

      girl please just stop making music and delete your channel

    18. ExtinczRamz


    19. Blue Phoenix

      Dixie: please clap for me guys

    20. Siana K.

      Hi queen

    21. Lucy_Cocker

      11:59 😅😅

    22. Blossom Plays

      no one: Chase: after being quiet the whole time, "im just chillin😎"

      1. Blossom Plays

        12:54 btw

    23. Khalid Aldoseri


    24. Ligia Castellanos

      Dixi porque no invitas a tu bello programa a Mackenzy Zigler ?saludos desde Guatemala 🥰👏

    25. Meiquian

      Congratulations Dixie for all your hard work! My ig @huddychars

    26. Rawan

      Mads looked so gorgeous here 😩 as she always look

    27. claudia worsley

      What the fuck she doesn’t even write the songs zero talent I swear no offensive Dixie love you but why?

    28. yvngdxtta

      Ik at least one of them niggas musty 😂😂

    29. Maria Pereira

      mn as pessoas sao msm maradas da cabeça(para n dizer um palavrão) a live é da dixie, e as pessoas no chat: OMG CHARLI, ITS CHARLI, CHARLIIII, SAIAM TODOS DA FRENTE QUERO VER A CHARLI.... MN QUEREM VER A CHARLI VÃO Á CONTA DELA. eu n tou criticando a charli pq tipo, eu a amo ne, mas a dixie tmb merece reconhecimento n acham... sao as duas especias de formas diferentes mas tipo querem dizer: OMG CHARLI, dizem na conta da charli, e se querem dizer: OMG DIXIE, dixem na conta da dixie, n precisam de dizer á dixie: OMG, IS CHARLI, ou: OMG IS CHARLI SISTER, nao gente sabem que doi ne, vcs tao ai de boa e imaginem que tem uma irma chamada carla, ela fica famosa, e dps toda a gente nas redes sociais comecava: É A IRMA DA CARLA, MDS OLHEM A CARLA LÁ A TRÁS, GENTE A CARLA APARECEU, DIZ Á TUA IRMA CARLA QUE EU A AMO. n é bonito pois n? ent por favor n a tratem por: CHARLI SISTER, nem: OMG IS CHARLI, pq ela fica magoada, enfim, ela já sofreu mtt, peço desculpa pelo tempo perdido a quem leu isto kkkkkkkkkk, mas pronto, pfv n a magoem mais

    30. Imaeditorlmao

      This is the most driest video I’ve seen

    31. Oryo-chan Kakuriyo

      Noah Beck at the beginning of the video:👁️👄👁️WTF IS WRONG WITH THIS CHICK

    32. danna vera

      Bro el único comentario en español

    33. Heather Brown


    34. Julian Ede

      dixi : says f word her parents : fine with it me: says f word my parents : Slipper at the ready

      1. Stephanie

        maybe cause she. 19...

    35. Gaming with Millie

      Where you shy ☺️

    36. DANYELA YT

      Horrific video

    37. Sophia Lehane

      1:18 dixie and chase hug and noah is jellyyy

    38. Sophia Lehane

      9:02 noah’s handdd 👀

    39. Indie Delightful

      Mads there just for clout

    40. Indie Delightful

      Umm someone's writing dixies song WOW

    41. Michael H

      Why is this the most awkward thing ever.

    42. Amanda O'Neill

      Charli,maddy,and Avani just vining in the back and danceing and her parents loving it lmao

    43. Top 10 Best

      This awkward and charli ruined the video

    44. Resilience Studio Sdn Bhd


    45. Hannah Andrade Goulart

      Omg 😱

    46. Simply Berries

      Me making sure I *dont* see James Charles here

    47. Annabelle Luty

      Noah and Markell singin sneaky link tho-

    48. Mary Jones

      Congratulations 🎈🎉🍾🎊

    49. Random_tings....

      Noah sitting there saclie

    50. Jojo Saad

      Am i the only one confused why is chase wearing sunglasses?!

    51. geileen vargas

      Get Dixie to 8M because she deserves it for what she always does for us

    52. YourLocalBean

      **awful music video twerking**

    53. 𝔼𝕧𝕖𝕝𝕪𝕟𝕡𝕝𝕒𝕪𝕤♕

      i am not gonna lie but dixie change a lot

    54. agapirahfff

      what happens to avani it's sad🥺

    55. ☀︎︎piper squad ☀︎︎

      No one literally no one: Charli in the back: 🕺🕺💃💃🕺💃

    56. Mackenzie Waverly

      Is it just me or does the girl beside Mads kind of look like Nessa? 😂 I seriously thought that was her for a moment lmao!

    57. May❤️

      I love your song ❣️ and it is a message saying boy are not what you think

    58. Kris Arneson

      Love The squad🤍💙

    59. aya

      why is nobody gonna talk about the thumbnail that doesn't even fit the damn video 😃

    60. Durgaa Patil


    61. Gaming Taso

      hi dixie😘😘😘😘😘

    62. GAMEMASTER07

      No one cares get a life Dixie

    63. Hanaa Salih Eddine


    64. layna abdelfattah

      but your new song is better

    65. layna abdelfattah

      Bella Poarch new song is good

    66. tala loveheart

      Wow 25 cuss in that whole vid

    67. tala loveheart

      In 10 mins u said 19 cuss

    68. tala loveheart

      Wow u cuss?

    69. Juju shook

      Dumb teens pre-adult wtf are they promoting?

      1. Durgaa Patil

        Ikr lol

    70. Camille Orcher


    71. angelvcxr

      11:45 can we talk abt the dancing in the background- LMAO

    72. milo rein

      Dixies parents the entire time:👩🏻‍🤝‍👨🏼

    73. milo rein

      Charli in the back at the beginning: 🧍🏻‍♀️

    74. Itz me Angela

      I can say, That she acts so like kid, Maybe she wrote that song, I am crazy like so bad now

    75. Ana Avila

      Hi dix

    76. aaa bbb

      they were really excited abt this shit?

    77. Norimee

      Why f***boy

    78. Charli - TikToks

      Idk why but I see a lot of Doah in this.

    79. Staten Brown


    80. Staten Brown


    81. Charli Ann

      charli stealing the spotlight once again

    82. Expansion 7

      Dixie:Talking Noah: uncomfortable Chase:sitting quietly Marc:looking everywhere Charli,avani,madi:👯‍♀️👯‍♀️👯‍♀️👯‍♀️👯‍♀️👯‍♀️👯‍♀️👯‍♀️

    83. Celinö

      Omg i love this song💕

    84. Edda Sundby

      love you dixie have a nice day:)

    85. Steven Crow

      I'm waiting for the overdose

    86. mxgan


    87. Travis Lungren

      remember in be happy when everyone was shocked she said the f word then there’s now

    88. Kiara Capolino


    89. Decipher Studios

      istg dixie is just trolling us

    90. Olivia M.

      Evryone who just wants to leave

    91. daniella b


    92. Rudie Kramasemita

      The fakt you call your sis

    93. Jessica Foley

      Where’s adison?

    94. google_was_my_idea_

      That was kinda too loud dixie chill.. 0:15

    95. roblox didi123


    96. moonbunni

      12:00 chavadi in the backround:💃💃

    97. Ismaheed Bah


    98. FATZ

      I had a dream that I meant charli but I was litterly gonna die when I woke up and then I said oh my dream did nit come true

    99. Aliya93 Aliya


    100. Bri Tree

      I feel like Dixie really wanted to be super close to noah but Spence they were live she could not