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    I'm so happy I could finally have @Mads Lewis on the show. It was nice to finally hear from Mads and give her the chance to speak freely with @Noah Beck and I. I hope you all enjoyed watching and hearing Mads side of the story! Don't forget the show airs every Sunday at 10AM PST/1PM EST!!! Thanks for watching!

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    1. Awan Simon

      Nessa girl u fa the streets

    2. Ines Black

      Why does she think she handled it respectfully ?

    3. Amar Abdelrahman

      “If I ever readed some” since when can mads Lewis not speak English 💀💀💀

    4. stxrz

      So there's this thing called chicken girls mads was my favourite character her eyes are beautiful istg she's pretty as fudgee

    5. Zekra

      Mads is literally 18 and she been through all this like🥺🥺!!! she’s so strong i wish her the best 🤍

    6. Garza Sisters

      I know this was a while ago but Mads has a boyfriend she moved on and so did he sooo...??

    7. Haliyat Jimoh

      Dixie should be nessa to the show

    8. Jasminaa 1

      Why mad is acting so fake 🙄 no hate to her

    9. Elina Hayrapetyan

      PLEASEEE girl ur not getting into any marvel movieeee i’m dead bye

    10. Crystal

      Finally ! It's a Talk-show.....its not another boring cant sit through the whole thing, podcast ! I can catch the vibes that its sending.

    11. Crystal


    12. Τζωρτζίνα Μαροπούλου

      Before all this drama mads wasnt even known like nessa made her famous plzz--

    13. Amy Rose

      Tha pain in her voice tho 😭😭😭😭

    14. Paige McCormick

      When she said “also don’t like people who steal your boyfriends” I died

    15. Betsy Maldonado

      My new goal become Mads bsf 😂😂

    16. XiaoxLumine


    17. liv barker

      Is it just me or does chase deserve a apology like he got much hate for that and like was depressed and like he was not lie

    18. Stephanie Hanlin

      Dixie really doesn’t care 😂

    19. doahlover_ily

      Dixie I love you 😍

    20. Elise Chiavarini

      mads you are incredible

    21. haley

      I love mads

    22. Cass and Bri's channel

      I feel like Noah knows a lot more than he lets out just look at his face when she said “I’m just gonna say it, jaden lied to him”😂😂

    23. Nai

      Why is Mads like that girl who says she hates gossiping but she actually loves it🤡 It’s very cringy. But we live for the tea👏👏

      1. o


    24. Mia !


    25. mc

      honestly i loved mads before but i love her even more now. you can tell how intelligent and mature she really is compared to all the other influencers. im so proud of how far she’s come and i wish her the best

    26. Tanisha

      8:45 wait I dont know that friend. who is it?

      1. Hamida Saloojee


    27. thonly lis

      i love how dixie points out how they’re all just teenagers :)

    28. Vanlalruati

      She's so mature

    29. Marilis Alvarado

      I love how mads just exploded her feeling amazing that she let it out

    30. Serenity Grosstick

      I love you Noah and Dixie and I love you to madi you guys are my rule models in life you all have got me through a lot in life u guys are the best you guys have helped me feel what I need to feel in life in a certain point in life and I thank you so much for that I love you guys so much

    31. Aleya Simms

      I love her sm

    32. Maiko Nersezashvili

      Mads we love you you have georgian panpajs fanfeijs

    33. Vasilija Minova

      Ness took Charli's and Mads boyfriend

    34. Liza🤍

      when mads said that like a week before everything happened josh said he wanted to marry nessa i felt so bad for him

    35. Siya Bhutani

      I like dixies show a lot cuz in most interviews the interviewer doesn’t understand the persons situation but Dixie has been through the same journey it’s more like an open conversation .. keep up w this Dixie💟🙌

    36. Amber Millar

      If course this would have 3M views LOL

    37. Beverley Frimpong

      mads is waering white gixxie is waerimg black

    38. Sophie O'Dea

      Me and mads have the same goal to play iron mans daughter 🥲😅

    39. Avery Mikaeslon

      Mads is so obsessed with ness like grl she can love who she wants like suck it up and be a mature person

      1. Hamida Saloojee

        How Rd would u know what she been thru little of the situation is shown on internet so don’t be so judgemental

    40. Reo -tan


    41. Sariah Garza

      She said she's a christian 🙄 hate all you want but God said to forgive, "Bear with each other and forgive one another if any of you has a grievance against someone. Forgive as the Lord forgave you." Colossians 3:13 NIV

    42. Nessa M

      mads is so immature about the situation it really shows how completely different nessa and mads are in interviews

    43. Peppa Pug


    44. jolie miller

      The teas!!!!!

    45. dan hanson

      dude mads is awesome

    46. Delilah Garcia

      I could so see Mad’s as iron’s daughter

    47. Krishnavi Raulji

      it became the noah beck show at one point

    48. Sophie Coltman


      1. Hamida Saloojee

        Who has hurt many ppl

    49. Jessica Pio

      I honestly wish they could live some of their life in confidence. They are teenagers learning the real world in front of millions of followers

    50. Jessica Pio

      Glow up mads! His loss!

    51. Julia Kucharek

      I like mads but not Dixie

    52. Idkanymore

      Noah seemed sad

    53. Idkanymore

      Noah:I didn’t get those. 6:34

    54. Ocean Waves

      Mads outfit : 🤍✨💫☁️ Dixies outfit:🖤⚡️ ⚫️🕶

    55. Addison Mayberry

      she’s literally obsessed with nessa

      1. Hamida Saloojee

        Can u shut up since ur so uninformed 😂

      2. Stephanie Avudzivi

        This video was months ago

    56. Lily Topia

      That is soo sad josh said "I am in love I want to marry this girl", ooh :(

    57. Mohammed Al marwani

      Da da da da da fist bump da dadada da fist bump da da dada da fist bump dadada da da

    58. Mohammed Al marwani

      Idk if this is true when mads said josh said he wanted to marry nessa i felt that when dixie looked at Noah she gave me don’t u dare cheat on me and when is the proposal coming

      1. Hamida Saloojee


    59. Bwalya Theo Mutale

      We stan mads

    60. Hind Alshehhi

      Nessa broke girl code and jaden broke bro code

    61. Abigail Kaleialii

      “you can either choose to reread that chapter over and over again bc you don’t understand it, or read the next chapter to understand the last.” That is some deep stuff.

    62. enayavfx

      i love how mads is so mature

    63. Nevaeh Ford

      Purrrr mads and why is she sooo pretty 🌿🥰

    64. Carly S

      they both seem like nice girls Dixie is actually rly good at this interviewing thing I feel bad she gets so much hate

    65. Olivia Amos

      Why is this the best episode EVER or is it just me lol

    66. Holly jones

      When you put your business out there people will ALWAYS have an opinion on it….teenager or not if you can’t handle it then stop being so public with your life and problems……period!! You bring it on yourselves choosing to bring public in with putting ALL your laundry out there clean or dirty…. Put up or shut up

    67. what ever

      why i keep watching noah instead of the girls...😍♥️

    68. Kamari Deni

      i love how mads says “God showed me he wasn’t the right person for me in whatever way that was. He has a plan for me”

    69. Cassidy

      This is ridiculously childish. 😒

      1. Hamida Saloojee

        This is high skl darling

      2. Stephanie Avudzivi

        This video happened months ago

    70. Ghazel albinali

      * and I don't like people who just steal your boyfriends * YES MADS I SEE YOU

    71. Robby & Carina Vlogs

      Hey we live in Temecula too!!

    72. Ruby Forsgren

      “I don’t like ppl who steal others boyfriends” gurrrrrlllll u can’t say that!!!! I feel the drama stirring…

      1. Ruby Forsgren

        @Hamida Saloojee okayyy??

      2. Hamida Saloojee

        Flip yh u she can say that she has a mouth for a read

    73. Alexis Willigman

      Off topic. Am I the only one who died of laughter when Dixie and Noah kept fist bumping

    74. Charlotte Martin

      I’m re-watching this video because I love it

    75. Jody yassin

      and yet some people still support nessa, mads owns an apology from them...

    76. Aileen Solano


    77. Carlee Gaytan

      I recently got the whole story and last night I had a dream that I played the role of each person involved and I woke up crying 😭

    78. Victoria Rose

      She’s not...cute.... team nessa 🙋🏻‍♀️

    79. Vicyplayz

      Mads face when Noah came in the show

    80. Mabelle Malmros-Gälldin

      I feel soooo bad for her🙁

    81. Mabelle Malmros-Gälldin

      Its sad what happend to her.....

    82. Quinn Devora

      i dont bother abt picking sides, whos toxic and whos not blablabla and just enjoy both nessa and mads contents lmao. Enjoying the tea as well 🍵

    83. Ella Jose

      Nessa is better

      1. Hamida Saloojee

        Shut up 😂

    84. Elly gray and faith

      @13:56 isn’t that the same look Kai or whatever the fucks name did on Josh’s podcast

    85. o

      Dixie trying to tell her to be classier about the situation in a subtle way lol

    86. o

      Dixie and Noah just watching a train wreck... trying not to be biased but just letting her talk her shit

    87. Jaslynn Stremich

      I think just let him go and do what they want you’ll find someone 1000x better than himb

    88. Hannah Caridi


    89. averylehnerer

      I love how dixe is wearing all black and mads is wearing white lol

    90. Fatcat

      something i dont get with people that says that the INTERNET is bad. but i only think the tik tok shit is the problem

    91. Jamie Aleyah

      dang i really liked that story book analogy 😭

    92. elsa.

      but fr though, imagine your friend stole your boyfriend? won't you be pissed?

    93. HSeaa Naser

      Dixie DAmelio 🤣🤣

    94. Stuwpas Nemin

      Is that why jaden was in nessa's music video instead of josh?

    95. La'Riah Fayson

      I find it funny how people are giving nessa and Jayden shit for dating there friends ex’s like Dixie and Noah didn’t date who is Griffins friend…people really pick and choose.

    96. Mila Stark

      13:25 lmaooo Dixie and Noah looking at each other because what Mads says is so ridiculous

    97. Mila Stark

      Noah and Dixie all the time: 👁👄👁👀 lol

    98. Malak Mustafa

      Sis you Wisch him the beste But he dosne‘t have Hits beste

    99. Mila Stark

      Dixie: ‘I feel like something like this was coming for a while and you weren’t taking the signs‘ DAMN THATS BRUTAL 😭