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Dixie D'Amelio

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    Charli is BACK!!! I always have so much fun when I'm able to do videos with @charli d'amelio ! You finally get to hear from Charli D'Amelio herself about how this show started!! Thanks to the best sister for being on my show. Don't forget the show airs every Sunday at 10AM PST/1PM EST!!! Thanks for watching!

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    1. Blue dino

      The fact that Dixie was trying to be funny at the start 😳

    2. Alejandra Ganzberg

      Charli being scared that she’s gonna be pranked by Dixie in the beginning is the definition of sibling relationship

    3. Yanna Vallejo

      Charlie has such a heart warming vibe. she's so calm and to herself which I can relate

      1. Sophia Charles


    4. Malak alshafie

      I do not trust my brother sometimes I hit him like a angry bull he’s so loud and I’m filming

    5. michelle nwafor

      poor char char :(

    6. Jayjay 8271

      There parents forced them….💀

    7. leah braziel

      No one knows what Charlie go’s through

    8. Libby Davies

      1:48 orange carpet?.

    9. Yousra El

      Charli is very weird

    10. Makia

      I personal appreciate Dixie's talk show bc it shows us guests like Charli, Nailea ,Larry ,Noah etc. are human beings like us, and it just feels so chill and it brings a positive vibe bc they are being them selves and they talked abt their experiences pertaining to social media and I just love how real they are being and it just seems so genuine and transparent to see.

    11. Gemma Davis

      I feel like Dixie is the only person who has ever actually heard charli out and respected her about everything and helped her through it as well

    12. Alexandre Pereira

      I feel Charly should meet Eckhart Tolle and meditate with him to learn to be present and less influenced by thoughts.

      1. Alexandre Pereira

        She has a huge heart. Love her

    13. Alina Tadeo

      Dixie I know this video is old but tell charli that I do edits for her

    14. samantha c

      charli's held her arm tight since the beginning of the video

    15. VxniXbillxie

      Charli was like"Mhm... Mhm... Yea😒"

    16. Ameenayhp Albalooshi

      Aww Charli your nice and Dixie I'm the one who blocked nessa sorry no hate

    17. Reo -tan

      Charli was really holding herself back from saying the things in her mind🥺 I understood her point of view but I didn’t understand her words 😔

    18. S&S AMERICA

      This whole time I was just thinking "what if for season 6 they invited Charli d'amelio on to the Eric Andre show"

    19. Camila Garcia

      2:06 why do charli and Dixie sometimes speak like british

    20. Minnie Mieke

      Pov: You dont know who trippy is

    21. ItsBiancaDuh

      me just waiting for them to pet the dog

    22. REED

      Don't know why Charli gets so much hate, she's just a young girl and a sweetheart

    23. Ιωαννα Μενεξιδου

      I feel so bad that charli gets so much hate. She's so sweet and everyone hates on her just because she has the biggest following on TikTok. Like it's not fair she is only 17

    24. KingCam22

      Charlie if you need a group of friends I’ve got the boys bro no cap beat group in the world 😂

    25. Laura Howard Smith

      Her talent is just wow

    26. RobloxStars

      Why does charli get hate I don’t understand she is sweet and innocent

    27. Kaitlyn smith

      So it’s scripted lol

    28. Christaan Clark

      Love you guys

    29. Xavier Zoo

      6:53 ALL SCRIPTED

    30. Habsa Yusuf

      When Dixie said that just don’t look at the bear 🤣😜

    31. Ronald Dregan

      Its 2021 people, lets move on to someone else now these girls are played out..


      0:26 when I kidnap Charli d’melio.

    33. Kelvin Fuentes DAmelio

      The best thing is going on right now is I want to look for my girl Charli D’Amelio I want to meet her Make Tikto with her and everything😎😍

    34. Chelsea Chartrand

      Because I love snails😅😂🤣😭😂😂

    35. DejaVuDejaVu TM

      I feel Charli suffers some anxiety

    36. Berranur Badur

      charlinin doğal olması çok hoşuma gidiyor

    37. Kevin Purdy

      Dixie never thanks her sister Charli for her fame !

    38. Yanch Gaelle Tan

      dixie: dont look at the bear charli: *looks at the bear*

    39. Isabelle Castaneda

      I WOVE CHAR! She’s sooo cuteee

    40. Skye Hennessy

      Is charli wearing the same jacket dixie wore on the one with Larray that came out today?

    41. Matteo Fatteri

      She’s beautiful omg

    42. Jasmeet Kaur

      Is she on about James Charles?

    43. Francisco Virgen

      Fight Bella you lames

    44. Akilonna Robinson

      I love you Dixie you worked so hard to get your own show now really have it I'm so proud of you and Charli is nervous I can tell

    45. Adryanna Manning

      It’s kinda sad that she gets so much hate at a young age. Some people have no patience for anyone they have nothing better to do then hate on someone that’s just living there life.

    46. jimena

      LMAO am i the only one that noticed the scripts 7:02

      1. jimena

        @Lil_Potato Bella yepp

      2. Lil_Potato Bella

        I saw them lol - The set looks so amazing, though!

    47. Hali McEachern

      Lucky - by Britney Spears is a song for a reason y’all

    48. Hali McEachern

      Charlie and Dixie, fuck the haters! I love y’all for being yourselves, don’t be afraid to be!

    49. Paige Jackman

      they def threw some shade at addison

    50. Paige Jackman

      they def threw some shade at addison

    51. Madilyn Leija

      Dixie :today we have a special while we have a guest Charlie. I died if you have siblings you know

    52. Ari Sampson

      The fact Dixie didn’t bring up Charli being in chases music video

    53. Nana Mackin

      Yeah I could never do this video with my sister 😭 one look at each other and we won’t stop laughing 😭

    54. Piper fan page

      Can I be on your show pls

    55. charli D'Amelio Videos

      Subscribe to the channel

      1. Bethan Robinson


    56. Amalia Jimenez

      I feel really bad for char. She was fidgeting with her jacket all the time and you could see that she isn't ok. I hope it gets better for you char. Love u sm

    57. Tim George

      I get it there wearing this shit so people will comment on it. Dumb

    58. Tim George

      What the hell are there's dumb girls wearing 😳

      1. Bethan Robinson

        Called style maybe you should get some

    59. Its Julia

      Charli definetly has totturete

    60. Tanya Musser

      Charlie I think you have a big heart and I hope you keep being sassy when you need to and don’t worry what the haters say. You and Dixie are beautiful and talented and I hope you keep being you! You are Amazing!! Love your outfit💕

    61. Tanya Musser

      Absolutely love you guys! I think you both are amazingly talented and I cannot wait to see what the future holds for you both. Love your new clothing line! It’s fabulous ❤️ loving your outfits! Both of you are so beautiful and I hope you ignore the haters and keep doing what you do. I wish I could be as confident as you guys. I started a TikTok account, but am so nervous and so I haven’t posted a lot of content. Any advice? Dixie I’m absolutely loving your music and your style is on point!!❤️

    62. Bella Klein

      i love charli she is so mature and pretty. and seems so sweet too she doesn't deserve the hate she gets

    63. Sierra Fay

      charli is literally so kind and sweet she is the nicest influencer i have met so far, we don’t deserve her, and then haters just make charli want to step back from the things she likes/wants to do :/ she’s only 17.

    64. Cici Raines

      Luray can you please do next

    65. kassidy vo

      i love charli's voice. i think it's so calm and soothing. i don't understand why ppl r so rude to her, she's 17, she got lucky, she doesn't control her luck. ppl on tiktok are the people who blew her up, she didn't ask for it, but given the opportunities, obviously she's gonna take them. she really is very kind and pretty mature for 17 and having to be like a role model for her younger audience and watching what she says, it's a lot for a teen and she handles it very well. also being 17 and having peers hate on things you do can already be a lot, but imagine her having millions hate on her for having fun and taking amazing opportunities. it's messed up, some of y'all r taking all the fun out of social media.

    66. Destiny Gallardo

      Charlie should do a dance clothing line i would so buy

    67. Aric Sanes

      Charlie sounded like a girl in my class named Zoey

    68. carmen bueno

      the only thing I can confidently conclude to this video is that Dixie radiates Leo energy and Charli is so so soft spoken

    69. deleted

      She’s so fine 🤤

    70. Valery Fernandez

      Jesus is coming back soon

    71. Kailyn DeAnn

      the ending 🥺

    72. Amonge Mahlaba

      Glad, I voted 4 Charli

    73. Madz Yeeh

      It's so unfair how she think abt everyone else and never herself poor girl is suffering so much but she can't to shit bc everyone will attack her for having emotions like they want her to be perfect. She's fucking 17 she's a teen she's learning she's a fucking child

    74. LoneWolf 95

      Horrible show lol 😂

    75. Noahthebeast

      JESUS LOVES Y’ALL ❤️❤️

    76. RUBY

      LOVE dixie

    77. Umme Abiha Ali

      i can't believe she's doing better than Lilly Singh...

    78. arqinaa

      ppl don’t realize that charli and dixie r the most unproblematic girls.😭

    79. Hayley myovich

      this makes me sad that Charli seems so sad, she sounds so hurt 😭

    80. Jessica Amethyst

      So corny. Ew. This is so fake. God kill me now. Weirdo. Who has this 19 year old a job to host this? Yikes.

    81. Jessica Amethyst

      Still don’t understand why they’re famous. Anyone in my era would of whooped these ppl. I just find it odd this shir is actually famous haha.

    82. Roman Spencer

      I will rearrange Charlie’s Guts with 9x3 bbc

    83. Jim Chang

      They’re both boring with rich political fuck man dad

    84. Megan Stoughton

      *Charli writing her name on the wall* Dixie: "...cute!"

    85. Pau Bongco

      Uhmm totally not related but Charli and Dixie should have microphones. Like the small ones because sometimes the sound can't be picked up by the camera.(Only a suggestion btw)Luv ya'll

    86. Amelie Charles

      Love the snail drama reference 🤣💀

    87. Dione McDonald


    88. Emilio Flores

      I can see charlie as iron man daughter as the new marvel star

    89. Selena Smith

      Charli is so sweet😍 why are many people and old people hating on her

    90. Selena Smith

      They don't deserve hate and no one does

    91. TheBuddyGamer


    92. Cloud Vibez

      Lol she was looking around a lot 😭

    93. SagitarianGypsy

      I dont think the industry is for her....I couldn't do it, nope I'd loose my mind

    94. SagitarianGypsy

      I feel for charli....people suck

    95. Amelia

      Charli looks tired

    96. Brisa Garcia

      I love how charli is terrified in the beginning 😭😭

    97. Leah Saxton

      Charli is now this really shy girl from these haters i mean am not a big fan of her but i do support her tho!

    98. Ria Roy


    99. Peggy LaVine

      I am your biggest fan Dixie