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Dixie D'Amelio

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    Hi everyone! I'm so excited about this week’s guest on The Early Late Night Show. @Avani was on the show!! We had so much fun chatting about how we first met, social media, her makeup collection with Morphe, and what’s next for Avani. I hope you enjoy watching this episode!

    Don't forget the show airs every Sunday at 10AM PST/1PM EST!!!

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    1. Just Watching

      Lunch was rough🥲it’s didn’t go down well😪

    2. Jade Hacker

      Bring vinnie hacker

    3. Lexi Frausto

      Avani the whole time:🤚👇🖐🤚

    4. meghan h

      I got a bi panic attack when I saw Dixie and Avani holding hands😳😍

    5. Lilllly Weasley

      Avani is gorgeous and so cool

    6. Mia !


    7. Sandrine Coppolani

      omgggggggggg avani

    8. Dania Mclean

      ngl never heard Avani's voice before

    9. aarti aaina

      Or Kendall jenner

    10. aarti aaina

      Selena Gomez please

    11. Queenleifidgets

      I freaking love Avani’s voice

    12. Aesthetic Vibes

      Who else actually sits through and watches these whole things? Just me ok.

    13. Aesthetic Vibes

      Yes Dixie is great but pls don’t fangirl. I won’t bow down to idols I’ll stand strong to Jesus🙃🙃

    14. Jeniffer Gomez

      Bring Faze Jarvis

    15. Jeniffer Gomez

      Bring Vinnie Hacker

    16. Jossy Fuentes

      BAHAHAH not Noah saying lunch was rough 😂😂😂

    17. Beto Achumi

      Olivia Rodrigo please

    18. 🐻 naiNNa 🐻

      There's something on Dixie's back is it some microphone thing ?


      Subscribe to the NDL and Niko Omilana or you’re a schmuck

    20. random girl

      We need Addison on this show!!!

    21. random girl

      Dixie is so beautiful

    22. Montana Orvis Torek

      I want mosey on the show or Mia twins

    23. Fares Labadi

      Bring Olivia rodrigo and addison rae

    24. Tavia brooks

      You should bring nailea devora

    25. Ali :3

      Love the videos. But why is their always awkward tension 😂

      1. Ali :3


    26. Tempe Félix

      Bring tanner

    27. Yadira Arnold

      + Romans 10:9-10 "That if you confess with your mouth, "Jesus is Lord," and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved. For it is with your heart that you believe and are justified, and it is with your mouth that you confess and are saved."

    28. 나는 내 자신을지지한다

      Rosé blackpink please

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      Bring Tate McRae on here

    30. Laura Ethel

      bring conan gray pleaseeeee

    31. Kayla Cardona

      this is literally so awkward

    32. Joslyn Almeida

      This show is incredibly unoriginal.

    33. خالد الدولتلي

      Jennifer Lopez needs to be on your show dexie

    34. lynisha

      Avani’s voice is so beautiful

    35. حمدة حمادي


    36. حمدة حمادي


    37. Okay Bye

      I love you guys so much

      1. Okay Bye


    38. julita nel

      Is avani and amelie still like friends I mean we never see them 2gether anymore

    39. MEHANA'S LIFE!!

      Avani is so chill

    40. Ramsha Afsheen 11 B

      we want bryce here

    41. Natalie Vasquez

      Bring Bryce that would be so funnyy

    42. Adalie Wise

      Her setting has changed so much since the first early late night show

    43. eshiboo

      If you don’t stick up for yourself then people know they can push you around. F no

    44. Rose xcxc

      Dixie you are so beautiful and we all appreciate that you show us what go on in your life and we will be here forever giving you support.

    45. Rose xcxc

      Love you dixie❤

    46. Mia Blankenberg

      Love. You. Dixie

    47. Joshua Lynch

      I love watching you guys on tiktok

    48. Anna Pierce

      Can you bring Addison Rae pls

    49. Nishka Dewan

      Olivia dixie and Addie They all have an amazing singing voice and also I love dixie and charli they shouldn't get any hate and stop with the backhanded comments please thanks🙏🏻 I have you have a great day and please make everyone else's day great too

      1. Nishka Dewan

        @bestivfxq oh okay sure if you wanna talk my skype is nick d if you wanna ever wanna talk

      2. bestivfxq

        @Nishka Dewan she's a human being I can say she has potential for singing and dancing just if she embraces it more! She is a person after all and she chooses to what to do I have Skype snap etc..but I don't wanna share it

      3. Nishka Dewan

        @bestivfxq Yeah i totally agree and i think so too yeah but we should hate on her that much cuz like she's a person do you have skype or sumthing??

      4. bestivfxq

        @Nishka Dewan I wouldnt hate on addi she's a pretty chill person but I just don't like her music much she is a wonderful dancer tho

      5. Nishka Dewan

        @bestivfxq Well addi is a great dancer and she started her music carrer thats great but people shouldnt hatte on her if she doesnt she was just rying new things but i agree

    50. Hype.Housefanpage._.

      Please bring Addison Rae and Charli in the same time please.😘💙

    51. Mari Megrelishvili

      Dixie says avani so cute💘💘love both🌸❤

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      Dixie can you Addison rea Eaestriling

    53. Adilene Rivera

      Is it just me or did I see a heart light in the box

      1. Adilene Rivera

        @Nishka Dewan yes

      2. Nishka Dewan

        me tooooó

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      Bring olivia radrigo

    55. Ravnite Sanchez


    56. i play roblox


    57. Salum Iraini M

      where’s the subtitles?

    58. Esther Kaiman

      Is it a plate again?

    59. Enya Duddy 2

      Dixie:NOAH Noah:my stomach hurt

    60. Ana Carolina Moreira Pinto da Rocha

      We need this guests: Bryce Olivia Rodrigo Addison Chase

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        Not olivia she's too precious

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      We need Bryce on the show please dixie

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      We need Olivia rodringo

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      i love how Avani isn't even scared of touching anything in the box

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      Bring madi manroe

    70. Lany P.

      I think Avani needs to be featured in a scary movie to play the odd/goth girl. It would be DoPE

    71. hs

      Omg we NEED Olivia Rodrigo on here

    72. Francisco Caballero

      why are they so awkward wth

    73. Wan Nur Masyitah

      why this is so awkward ☠️

    74. A Mystique

      Avani is low-key scary

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      You should get Addison Rae on the show

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      Bring Addison and Or Olivia Rodrigo

    77. Steph fields

      Okay but dixie's buzzing tic lol

      1. Steph fields


    78. Zahra Alhamid

      Noah: What kind of spider🕷? Avani: A stupid spider🕷😂

    79. wirehyperspace

      now you put my turd brush back - i had to comb it to see more bubbles

    80. sara cata

      Avani looks so incredibly sick of Dixie

    81. Rose🌹🌹

      I love you Dixie 💕💕💕💕

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      Yes bring Olivia and Addison

    83. Daylia Calderon

      Dixie today is fathers day, happy fathers day to Marc and I think u should bring him on the show today.

      1. Daylia Calderon

        Its a Sunday and every Sunday u have a show so I think u should bring ur dad on the show today. If u want.

    84. The Lost Hope

      Noah & Dixie Break Up

    85. Hi 5

      I missed the priemier

    86. saad patel


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      Hi Dixsie either Charly is dead or she survived because you and charly are my idols

    89. Cadence BlackWater

      this is so cringe to watch

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      Your better than charlie she does not care about her Followers on tik tok she cares about the number she is so rude we did nothing to her...

    91. XXXPrince the 2nd

      Dixie is cute

    92. Maggie Williams


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      Hey Dixie I'm tayla and I think ur an amazing person I love ur song whole day and ur beautiful I hope u are haveing a good day

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      . _.


      Te amoooooo

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