Dixie D'Amelio - One Whole Day Feat. Wiz Khalifa (Official Video)

Dixie D'Amelio

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    One Whole Day Featuring @Wiz Khalifa

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    We’d be laying in my bed
    And you’d randomly get up and leave
    You would make a lot of time
    For anyone other than me
    The more that I gave the more you held back
    Now I am emotionally starved
    You’re stuck on your ex you’re stuck in the past
    Truth is that you really broke my heart

    For one day, one day I was really, really, really, really sad
    For one day, one whole day
    I missed you really, really, really bad
    And a single tear trickled down my face
    While I threw your shit in the fireplace I was really, really, really, really sad
    For one day, one whole day

    I woke up and it was strange
    All that I felt was relieved
    No more feeling second best I'm cringing at those memories
    Like the time that you left me
    Alone at the party
    When I didn’t even know anybody
    Truth is that you really broke my heart
    Really broke my heart

    For one day, one day I was really, really, really, really sad
    For one day, one whole day I missed you really, really, really bad
    And a single tear trickled down my face
    While I threw your shit in the fireplace I was really, really, really, really sad
    For one day, one whole day

    Wiz Khalifa
    Wake up, make up
    I wake up, bake up
    Quit your cryin’ Why you messin’ up your makeup?
    Late night, I stay up
    Tryin’ get my money way up
    Soon as I do, something wrong
    You approach me the day of
    You tellin’ me it’s over and you’re done
    And you can’t take no more
    You walkin’ out the door
    And I’m lying like what you waitin’ for?
    Just trying to get the truth I ain’t trying to be confrontational
    Before you make a decision
    I’mma just let you stay

    For one day, one day
    I was really, really, really, really sad
    For one day, one whole day I missed you really, really, really bad
    And a single tear trickled down my face
    While I threw your shit in the fireplace I was really, really, really, really sad
    For one day, one whole day


    1. MTV


      1. Moody Bossgirl

        @mtv YALL are annoying please stop wanting like so bad

      2. Regilio Bouma

        @jc i dont know but someone not old for sure cause they are every where on some of the most random songs you see MTV comment

      3. Josy Müller

        hä no 🤨🤨

      4. Pedro Alvarez

        @Chillin' with Rachel 💛 pppññ

      5. Marianné Núñez

        LMAO WHAT

    2. carmal latte

      All I thought through the whole process was those pants would be cute as cut off shorts

    3. Donkey

      most corniest generic pop song i've ever heard.

    4. tanja thomsen 28

      I love you

    5. Nikola Rajkovic

      Dixie when she hears this song in 10 years 1:02

      1. MelanieRoblox


    6. Creative Dreaming

      *I miss three minutes ago when I didn't know this existed...*

    7. Creative Dreaming

      *It makes me really really really really sad that people enjoy this music.*

    8. AmadMarketer

      All these haters only making her bigger. Keep going Dixie

    9. Cristina DeLeon

      she really hit that windshield five times but didn't break it once:)

    10. Kaisa Vera

      "For one day, one day i was really really really really sad for one day one whole day" Me who had depression for 4 years: 🙂

    11. Norah Turner

      this song really hits when its muted and ur brightness is all the way down


      Qué cringe

    13. {•JULiA•}

      This masterpiece should beat the record of views!! You deserve 4B views!!

    14. Enderman

      The best part is 3:00

    15. In Astra

      Let's be real, her voice is ok but she really really really needs to work on her lyrics

    16. {•JULiA•}

      This is my fav song!! ❤❤

    17. Hailey  🥺🥰

      I love this song so much and whiz khalifa is my favvv!

    18. Froggy

      3:00 hits different

    19. Desirae Thomas

      How did she do the difference hair colors?

    20. zuzanka chan

      the lyrics dont even match the video tho

    21. Daniella Irera

      probably the best lyrics ever. Quincy Jones could not compete.

    22. Inji Ila


    23. Wayne Huttel

      For one day, one day, Dixie really really really lost her thesaurus really bad.

    24. Savannah Puru

      the beat to this song isn’t bad, but if the lyrics were not basic with the “really” in it, it would’ve sounded better. something like this for example: “for one day just one day. i get hurt really really really fast” just my opinion i think the “really” should have been changed a bit differently though.

    25. Emily

      but why did they hugged? like that was so unnecessary 😭

    26. official kianna


    27. Bumpity Boo

      Wiz Khalifa was the best part.

    28. 𝑆𝐴𝑅𝐴 ☺︎︎

      I suggested to my friends to play a drinking game on how many times she said “really” we have to take a sip... We ended up drinking two and a half bottles

    29. Benji

      It makes me sad that Wiz Khalifa had to stoop down to this level.

    30. Ethan Re

      Dixie d’amelio xxx internet

    31. simplistic simp


    32. Morris Branch1971

      Better than that overrated Olivia chick

    33. Aoibhe Dillon

      Not all the 4-12 year olds giving Dixie 1.3 million likes

    34. Skeco Skender

      I am voting for charlie damelio and Dixie damelio

    35. neven petrov

      l love you ❤️

    36. Vanie

      R u really sure ‘bout this?😭

    37. Sadie Fletcher

      I think, I think, that this song is really really really really really bad

    38. naeun park


    39. Aeria Cross

      I came here from otakuyakisoba. Gosh this really fits the shallow archetype of girls who all look a certain way. 🥴

    40. Shirand Lefleur

      like it

    41. Zara Cool Girl

      I still love this song...so much its epic. Dixie one day i wanna be as cool as u also i subbed cos i forgot to last time lol soz... Pls come to luton one day, i wanna meet u so bad... Thx for reading this...😀😁😇💗💖

    42. Aidan the Adventurer

      I don’t think that many Famous tick tockers at one place with out the holly wood fans taking pics

    43. Alisa Alia

      Thanks Dixie! I am really really really really really sad after hearing your song.

    44. K

      Ami the only own who 5inks she trying to hard to be Taylor swift

    45. Remy Jireh

      why does it look like the scene doesnt connect with the lyrics???

    46. T M

      1.3M likes??Are you kidding me?

    47. Lovra

      one day for one day :_(

    48. M K

      I think youve been really really really really sad you're whole life, not just that one day you colonizer

    49. Anshu Thapa

      This song is actually pretty decent if the lyrics weren't this bad

    50. rox

      lol can someone do a "really"counter (no hate tho)

    51. Adorehim28


    52. A e s t h e t i c A u d r e y

      When you clipped down the board in class:

    53. Daniela Cuevas

      I personally think this song isn’t really that bad just the really really really sad part ruined it

    54. Cass

      Low-key not that bad 😂😂 I like it

    55. •Gacha_mimi•

      GO DIXIE😱❤️🤩

    56. Houcin Makhloufi

      LOVE مين العربي

    57. Josipa Hudec

      You Rock Dixie

    58. BippityBoppity

      this has 5x as many likes as dislikes but all the comments are just roasting her lmao

    59. Gacha noob 2134

      Her writing this song lol: I’m a total baddie now . The song : really Really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really sad

    60. πεπη τσλ

      love you

    61. Leeza Fitzsimmons

      this was really really bad like really bad.. wiz what are you doing..

    62. lelerobloxPK

      Who is german?

    63. None 31

      I aint even gonna say ahit on the hate comments. I consider it another jojo siwa type thing. Her music and audience is aimed for an age group and its probably working so, have fun with that fame

    64. wendy wells


    65. Haha

      1:01 Hun you just defined yourself with that one word called cringe👁️👄👁️

    66. humi

      Omg sorry dixie about the hate, bc I will always agree with it!!

    67. Jaden Stewart

      bro im blind i thought the yellow flower peadles in the pool were rubber ducks

    68. ポー!!

      I mean, it is catchy, it's just that the lyrics are "meh."

    69. PhantomT

      I disnt know charlis sister made music

    70. That one Person

      this is really really really really bad

    71. ainul zara

      It's rare for a song to be released under the genre comedy.

    72. Haha Kids

      I love it

    73. Kuroo Tetsurou

      33m !!!!!!!!

    74. Vanessa Weiland

      Am I the only one who doesn’t find this bad ? I mean it’s not the hit of the century but it’s not bad.

    75. @BleachBars

      Imo,Dixie has so much potential! She just needs to make better lyrics. Her tune,beat,voice everything is amazing! So yeah

      1. Neeraja Avasarala

        I love the tune the beat the outfit going with the song it's just wow But the lyrics 6 out a 10

      2. @BleachBars

        @Gwynthgzf :D it's the truth

      3. Gwynthgzf

        Finally! A positive comment :D

    76. Luna Mattar

      Tbh this song is awesome, but without the "really really really really" part

    77. meloncholyx

      I actually love the vibe and feeling of the song. If the the lyrics were different but still had the same meaning I feel like it would slap cuz her voice isn't that bad. Her voice just needs some vibrato and she got it 😌🤌

    78. Yutsuki chan

      my ears-

    79. Ellie Fearn

      Yes you go girl

    80. Jericho

      Not bad

    81. aoife

      Notice how she's never performed live

    82. Aavnee T

      This is how many time Dixie said 'really'

    83. Bashayer

      هل في عرب

    84. Jhon Cris V. Danao

      I like this part 3:00

    85. MrPlayzerMe

      This is fire tbh

    86. Andrea Pagani

      🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮 WIZ KHALIFA !!!!!!!!!! O MY GODDDDDDD, PLS GOD STOP THIS WORLD DUMB !!!!!!!!!!!

    87. Azure

      0:58 Dixie D'Ameilo tryna be Taylor Swift

    88. Angel Mogotsi

      I feel you

    89. C M -귀염둥이-

      My roblox boyfriend and I Broke up,IM SO DEPRESSED UWU -HISS- I'm emo. 🤬🤬🤬🤬🦶😻🐈🐈😈😈😈👹👹👺👺👿👿😈

      1. meloncholyx

        Omg omg I feel so bad queen depression belongs in the ghetto

    90. Reanna Horton

      Dixie don’t lisen to these people it was only ur second song u did better then they can like church up haters

      1. Zulfiqar Rahman

        Lmao okay 👌

    91. 🍄Asthetia🍄

      Oh my God her voice is shocking it’s so nice!

    92. Dilana Leeuwin

      fr i dont get why people hate this so much, i mean the lyrics arent bad but the song is and its still good

      1. rafaiz

        ikr , idk why people hate this song because tiktokers sing it, but this song is catchy

    93. Aaron guardado

      Good job dixie ❤️

    94. MoodyBoots

      This is proof that she doesn’t have genuine friends 😂 Who allowed her to release this!?!? 🤡

    95. toggled

      bro why do her lyrics always have to be so political smh

    96. Kelsey Tapscott


    97. joelliane seibel

      me thinking that her voice sounds like a frog... decides to listen to listen to the song dayumm... i reall should have shut my mouth before i said that

    98. Rafa:v

      Me encanta😍😍💅💅👁️👄👁️🛐🛐

    99. Nia

      Why are you guys hating? It sounds really good when you turn the volume all the way down

      1. Neeraja Avasarala


    100. Nia

      Producer: ok, how sad are you gonna be dixie? Dixie: yes

      1. meloncholyx