Dixie - F***BOY (Official Video)

Dixie D'Amelio

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    F***BOY by Dixie D'Amelio

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    BTS Photographer Alondra Buccio
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    BBE Anthony Benitez
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    Styling Maeve Reilly
    Hair Laura Polko
    Makeup Patrick Ta
    Production Designer Kiki Giet
    Set Decorator Jenny Boji
    Set Decorator Colton Shires
    Lead Man Ed Lee
    Original neon artwork by Gisela Gutierrez
    Covid Compliance Officer Krystle Murray
    Motorcoach Soho Coaches
    Covid Testing WLNSS
    Intern Lea Garn
    F***Boy Swann Wav
    Casting Agent Four Eyes Casting


    I’m caught up in what could've been

    Thinking bout what you should've said

    Wonder what's going through your head

    Wonder whose sleeping in your bed

    My mind knows you don't care

    But my heart just won't listen

    I thought you’d always be there

    But you were gone in a minute

    I’m tired of not being happy

    And you always thinking you have me

    But the only way that you have me

    Is so f***ed up

    You’re just a f***boy

    You’re just a f***boy

    That's not enough boy

    You’re just another m*****f***boy

    Cause you’re just a f***boy

    You’re just a f***boy

    That's not enough boy

    Don’t need another m*****f***boy

    And why am I so stuck on you

    When you’re just stuck on her

    Why'd I try to f*** with you

    Now I'm just f***ing hurt

    And I'm tired

    Of being so damn tired

    Cause I stayed up all night crying bout a piece of s*** a** liar

    And I'm tired

    Of being so damn tired

    Cause I put in too much energy just tryna fuel this fire

    Tired of not being happy

    And you always thinking you have me

    But the only way that you have me

    Is so f***ed up

    You’re just a f***boy

    You’re just a f***boy

    That's not enough boy

    You’re just another m*****f***boy

    Cause you’re just a f***boy

    You’re just a f***boy

    That's not enough boy

    Don’t need another m*****f***boy

    You think that you’re the s***

    But no one's into it

    Stop asking me for nudes

    No, I'll never send those to you

    Get off my Instagram

    Who do you think I am

    Get out of my DMs

    And take off those damn Jordans

    Cause you’re just a f***boy

    You’re just a f***boy

    Don’t need another f***boy, f***

    You’re just a f***boy

    You’re just a f***boy

    That's not enough boy

    You’re just another m*****f***boy

    Cause you’re just a f***boy

    You’re just a f***boy

    That's not enough boy

    Don’t need another m*****f***boy


    1. Anna Jáky

      The fact though that she said 32 bad words in a 3:34 min video… the song is actually amazing though

    2. Zeke_theSexy_Beast

      1:25 is my fav part

    3. Katto

      I cringed so hard I ascended into the 10th dimension

    4. gospa

      How I love this song

    5. Sassan rikuo

      Look at Rubi rose ❤️

    6. M Harris

      Am I the it one that hates the song but knows all the words

      1. Emilia Van Brackel

        @Nerea BroGar true...

      2. Nerea BroGar

        it literally only says 3 words its easy to learn

      3. M Harris

        @Emilia Van Brackel just my opinion

      4. Emilia Van Brackel

        Why does everyone hate this song? It's not that bad...

    7. I should probs upload シ

      She really be singing in cursive.

    8. Iveth

      Omg I love the acting!! I love you Dixie and Charlie!! Y’all are my idols /s

    9. Reda Morocco

      I don’t understand why y’all don’t like it?-

      1. Emilia Van Brackel

        Yeah, same! It's a pretty cool song...

    10. Rose Over

      As much as I feel like I should hate this, it’s kinda catchy

    11. twxmdd 💤

      Me encanta

    12. Bangtwice in your area

      Thank you so much! I have hearing problems due to excess ear wax. It costs $100 to remove it but after listening to this song I decided to not removed it.

      1. Article *

        that was so hilarious omg hahahahahahhaaha 😕😐😐😐

    13. XxGalaxy_GachaxX


    14. Totally TikTokish

      Is it her singing tho 😑😔

    15. Egal

      the 'HUH' sound at 1:25 is from charli she 'sang' it and the producer added it

    16. McKenzie Rock

      She should've made this song after Noah cheated

    17. Sam

      I’m proud to say that this is actually listenable she’s come a long way in the music industry

    18. amir alcherani

      Opportunities, opportunities and opportunities

    19. Dorota Mikucki

      Noah is better with her

    20. Madison_xxx

      Yes! We love showing your minor audience that this!! EDIT: JOKE

    21. Julios Antonio


    22. Enderman

      The best part is 3:34

    23. about everything


    24. Hannah berg

      I love you guys you are the best family

    25. Nev


    26. Antonio Riggio

      I really like this Song continues so Dixie yeeeeeeeyy 😍😍

    27. Anita tamang

      What f*** you are making so that things you are f*** me

    28. arianathestallion

      Who paused it I see wth that was and saw it😭😭 flashing us

    29. TrippyEditz

      It's actually ok

    30. Andres pallares

      El que no sepa español pues que traduzca, vivan y dejen vivir, dejen que la gente cumpla sus sueñas si no les gusta no opinen de malas, si tanto les afecta y molesta pues háganlo y suerte, si no les gusta pues simplemente retirese sin hate

    31. kms

      I paused it at 0:57 and came back once getting water and now I am very uncomfortable

    32. Ailana for shoooreeee

      You guys are being to hard did u see addison

    33. Arunahai Marcellene

      The beginning sounds a bit like bts life goes on lol


      I don't get why y'all are complaining well Just reach to what she has reached then complain, Dixie keep going Xoxo.

    35. mich rom

      Ich liebe das Lied

    36. Zenith Akhand


    37. *K e n d r a p l a y s*

      Wait wait it says Noahhh huh???

    38. Cynthia Gamil

      The comments are hilarious

    39. ellia lanning

      Is this about Noah beck

    40. Naomi _


    41. Jxxkookmin

      How awkward it is to film this 💀

    42. Nay Wafic Jbeili - EIS MYP 1

      This is so cringe. Period

      1. Originality TV

        Honestly Addisons song is worse

    43. Melissa Davies

      this must of been embarrassing to film ngl ....

    44. dyllia fynn

      It's kinda cool because of the beat

    45. Jodee AKA

      Is she not wearing underwear?.... Those pants look so uncomfy

    46. maha alfarhan

      No offense or anything, but Dixie, why are you doing like, what are you doing, like stop making breakup songs like, I feel bad for Noah back, like, do you feel bad for him?like just get over it

      1. Originality TV

        I think she's the one who's stuck on her ex and stuck in the past

    47. island rod

      Dixie love u

    48. Chloe Albarido

      1:25 WHAT WAS THAT MOAN😭😭😭😭💀💀💀⁉️⁉️⁉️⁉️

      1. Originality TV

        Wait this whole time I thought she said “HUH”

      2. Berry bun.x


    49. Laurahhh

      Foul mouth no talent waste

    50. Bridgette Huallpa martinez

      What happened to noah was i gone for to long

    51. •pumpkin•

      Broooooo I smell autotune

      1. Berry bun.x


    52. naeun park


    53. Kylian Mbappe

      😍🔥love it

    54. Amber Bentley

      I’m 31 and I love this song it’s so catchy and TRUE about most of the male human race 😆

      1. Julios Antonio

        girl no...

    55. Malak alshafie

      I love u guys

    56. Dilana Leeuwin

      y'all be hating her songs, but i would like to see you make a song. if its better then this one i'll shut up but stop talking cause y'all can probably do it better

      1. Originality TV

        In my opinion, the song is fine, it's just the overuse of the Fatboy word that makes it slightly bad

    57. Khushi Fatima

      2:02 charli facial expressions 😭😂

      1. Originality TV

        What's she saying 😂

    58. Marta Ristic


    59. Marta Ristic


    60. M Blackhart

      You have bohemian rhapsody and then you have this

    61. i am me

      3:34 hits different.

    62. Zuzanna

      y'all stop hating, she didn't write the song. if Olivia O'Brien sang it y'all would love it. the song isn't bad, you just dont like her. also- Olivia wrote this when she was 16. come hate when you can write a song like this :')

      1. Julios Antonio

        both are dogshit

    63. tallie

      Girl actual hid in the closet and WAITED for them to finish💀

    64. gowonder


      1. Julios Antonio

        this legit gave me a panic attack

      2. amaiah


    65. Younus

      ive lost hope for this generation

    66. Evangeline J. Anggen


    67. Amar _Javed

      she sounds so different

    68. maria fernanda aponte gonzalez

      Who else 0nly clicks on the video to read the comments?

    69. Lina Lach

      A fookboy

    70. Hyfi


    71. MaySings

      emotions: we got him! That guy:

    72. MaySings

      voice lessons are really helpful sometimes

    73. mooshrrom

      It sounds like every other pop song -.-

    74. chima Charles

      Babe ur amazing, don’t mind what people say

    75. Itisme Caity

      Literally My life rn

    76. Bubbleteacup


    77. Zahra Rageef

      Ur fandom is literally kids oml

    78. mackenzie monpere

      Not her riding the bull like that on purpose with that’s scandalous outfit on.

    79. Lianeena Orejuela


    80. Mochi Dude

      KidzBop gonna have a hard time trying to fix this song

    81. Husky Boos

      Charli Wants Here Charli Drink

    82. Jacob Rubén

      being a tiktoker does not mean being a singer

    83. Fdhksyjysysyk Keyleykedud

      They really be doing the most on music videos for the most boring songs

    84. Mustafijur Rahman

      কিতা বে কেউ আছো নি বাংলাদেশ থাকি , থাকলে লাইক করি জানাও

    85. It's me moonie

      My friend said don't listen to this song knowing that I I'm definitely gonna watch it and the fact that I hate TikTok so much ..... My ears r bleeding ༼;´༎ຶ ۝ ༎ຶ༽

    86. Holy Sh*t

      Gassed for this album, gonna slap 🔥💯✌️🎵

    87. ☁︎︎𝚊𝚟𝚊.𝚊.𝚐.𝚛.𝚎.𝚜.𝚝.𝚎☁︎︎

      It’s nice that charli is a part of this

    88. SimplyAethsetic

      I do t think there is a clean version 👁👄👁

    89. DR. DeV

      Thanks for making an Anthem for Golddigger W**res Community. They’re happy at last.🤫

    90. whyareyoustillhere

      Noah rn:👁👄👁

    91. akshara Ch

      Lol why r ppl in this comment section so funny 😂

    92. Cathy_cgn7

      The debut with Charli is great and the clip is great also frankly your music is nuggets I adore you Dixie

    93. Simps

      Noah rn be like:..

      1. Ladyblog•unofficial

        Hey there fellow miraculer 😂

    94. Allison beadnell

      love it

    95. Charlotte Dale


    96. Maxx15

      The complete creativity and wholesomeness of this song - That was sarcasm for those of you who might not get it

    97. 🌸Lay lay and han Han🌸

      0:57 LOL

      1. Ladyblog•unofficial

        @🌸Lay lay and han Han🌸 Lol I know 😂

      2. 🌸Lay lay and han Han🌸

        Ladyblog•unofficial Its just funny🤣

      3. Ladyblog•unofficial