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    Hi everyone! I'm so excited about this week’s guest on The Early Late Night Show. Fletcher from @The Hollywood Fix was on the show! This time around, I got to interview him and be a paparazzi for the day. I hope you enjoy watching this episode!

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    1. julia bastos

      fletches is a nice person :)

    2. Earl Cabbel

      I have such a better appreciation of what it takes to be the Hollywood Fix person and thank you Dixie for this informative show. I will definitely have more respect for The Hollywood Fix.

    3. Marame Kabbouch

      Him : talking about something Dixie: hum

    4. janelle wilson

      “Oh wait whos this…..🧐… oh nobody” LMAOO

    5. Caitlyn Osbaldestin

      Why does he lowkey look like Harry Kane

      1. McFlash


    6. Kimberly Nicole

      you should have asked how much he gets paid doing that

    7. Anonymous darkle

      um guys mundungus fletcher

    8. Nashaly Cosme

      I love this, NEED PART 2 ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    9. Lindsey Gavornik

      I always wonder thissss

    10. Ari D.

      where did u get your jeans?

    11. Axeel Cecena

      When fulcher said a lot of victoria secret models go to that gym her reaction was like what

    12. mya thawthaw

      IDK about you, but kardashian aren't really 'traditional' celebs especially kylie. Not that its wrong or anything.

    13. AAO Tube

      I hope Dixie gets to meet Lil Uzi Very one day, she will for sure tho cause she a celebrity herself

    14. Layahs Life

      Celebrity interviews paparazzi interesting 😂

    15. Shane Perrigo

      Adams apple

    16. Estefany Sepulveda

      Fletcher: who’s that? Oh it’s nobody Nobody: 👁👄👁

    17. Estefany Sepulveda

      He’s the only paparazzi I like and even the celebrities like him lol

    18. Josh Shanberg

      He’s a stalker jeez

    19. Robert Davila

      There’s a fletcher behind fletcher 😂

    20. Elsie Wilhoit

      much respect to this man

    21. emilia larson

      Paparazzis are just paid and legal stalkers. Some of them do respect peoples privacy, but most are just weird and dont care about anything other than getting the best pictures.

    22. Aisha Omarnassr

      the bay is here the baby is there

    23. ALEXA MAY

      hella creepy that he takes pics of license plates

    24. ALEXA MAY

      not the dallas mavericks hat love it

    25. Ag L

      You should do a part 2

    26. im nobody

      He looks like a pizza delivery guy😀😀😁

    27. Billy Talksalot

      More of fletcher!

    28. Lindsey B

      Great episode

    29. Mercy Henok

      When paprizzi becomes the celebrity

    30. Alexis Myerson

      The way he’s just driving around and looking for these stars like it’s normal.


      Subscribe to the NDL and Niko Omilana or you’re a schmuck

    32. Sarah Hannala

      Dixie’s face when he talked about Lil Uzi haha she loves him 🥺💕

    33. Sambridhi Neupane

      Its like fletcher's talk show and dixie is invited..

    34. Dayana Hakori

      i thought he had an easy job looks like its harder than most bruhhhhh

    35. Bret Harley

      The Hollywood Fix guy has always had a strangely cozy relationship with all of the top tiktok kids that goes beyond "We have a reservation at Nobu for 9 oclock."

    36. Big Daddy

      Fletcher always seemed like a cool guy. Even the celebs respect him when he does interviews

    37. Famous person

      Dixie do a lie detector test on chase

    38. ✰ G4BBYSGRACE ✰

      Fun Fact i met uzi in NYC

    39. HSeaa Naser

      Dixie DAmelio 🤣🤣

    40. Maria Teresa Adrêgo

      i can't be the only one who is completely annoyed by this being considered and accepted as job, jeez it's just disrespectful making a living out of taking people's right of privacy. Besides that why the hell is he taking pictures of license plates, etc... as if it is normal?

    41. EnvyVoltic

      This man’s work ethic is ADMIRABLE

    42. Giada Roop

      I love how honest he was

    43. stan larray

      I love this

    44. rutwik mekala

      Why does this remind me of Nightcrawler movie

    45. L tilli

      So essentially instead of bitching and complaining about hollywood fix & the paps , *GIVE THANKS* and realize that at any point in time, *______* could take off & no one will care who you are.

    46. abudabi1995

      They call them on themselves u can’t convince me otherwise

    47. Emerson Martinez

      Love ❤️ you sm Dixie I’m back on watching your content/yt videos love ❤️ your hair, eyes, nails, face expressions, smile, sense humor and personality

    48. Emerson Martinez

      Aye love ❤️ this video sm Dixie wow 🤩 no way you got fletch aka Hollywood fix on your show wow so awesome now fletch is the celebrity

    49. Ella Balasa

      I clicked on this faster than fletcher can say “The fans want to know”

    50. fallen

      Fletcher will always be my favorite paparazzi

    51. Ariel Evans

      Lmfaooo “celebrities” mean youtubers and tiktokers😂😂😂

    52. Mary

      I think this was my favorite episode. So fun!

    53. Alexus Draper

      Fletcher looks like faze banks older brother lol

    54. doliio volay

      "Well what do YOU wear to the beach FLETCHER!?" -Charli

    55. SuperChiko 2.3

      We love our race Culture talent skin colour community Culture

    56. Spjuthinator

      Fletcher started all of this

    57. Spjuthinator

      Fletcher is the goat

    58. sameikaeditz

      Thet got me watching Dixie in 144p haha

      1. doliio volay

        Love hearing this from the other side

    59. Katelyn McCurrie

      You gotta bring that one kid that literally has videos of everyone on his TikTok like he legit the paparazzi but just for himself

    60. MattBrah

      gotta be the best episode yet!

    61. Kenzy Hesham


    62. Naomi Mercedes 67

      WOW 🤩

    63. court finley

      its annoying when people steal his content? im pretty sure its more annoying to the celebs that they literally follow them everywhere they go...

    64. Gloria Reyes

      Omg he’s so cool!!!!

    65. Peaceful music corner

      I loved this video 🤍

    66. Emilia Serrano

      You are so tusgrus like you are my role model I love you you had I super me to do so much things I love you dix❤️❤️❤️

    67. JUST GEN

      How he stalks people

    68. __xxbibaxx__ Videos

      For manyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. Yearrrrrrrrssssssssssssss

    69. aquadrop 101

      Wait he’s not black

    70. Sakshi Hirode

      Shit Fletcher is such a sweet guy this was fun!!!

    71. Zenith

      Omg never thought ill be seeing him like this 😭

    72. Kelly

      Love hearing this from the other side

    73. Siri TM

      I like the video and the honesty ❤️❤️

    74. SiimplyxArrisa


    75. Javed Mohammed

      This guy is fine compared to the hundreds of other paparazzos

    76. Taylor Chase

      ma’am…we know y’all be calling them🤣🙄✋🏾

    77. Cassandra Smith

      Can you have Vinnie hacker on the sow or Jaden hossler


      get bryce on

    79. world of bru

      She's so cute and sweet ❤️

    80. Faiza Abdi

      This was the best episode yet

    81. Samantha Campbell

      Best content on this channel so far!

    82. Nadar Samatar


    83. Nadar Samatar


    84. Nadar Samatar


    85. Nadar Samatar


    86. Nadar Samatar


    87. em w

      soon there is gonna be paparazzi for paparazzzi lol like he has fans lol

    88. Akilonna Robinson

      This is my favorite late night show

    89. Melyne Queen

      I love you 💋💋

    90. Alexandria Jean-booth

      Fletcher should start a talk show

    91. Marly L

      6:35 lol karma ....

    92. Marly L

      6:15 Lmao he’s talking about Kevin Wong

    93. Marly L

      No way Fletcher 😂😂😂

    94. dolita windo

      Dixie would be so good at paparazzi because she knows where everyone lives 🙃

    95. Angela Makholwa

      Hi guys

    96. Quinn Nadia

      Can I have your song ,,One Whole Day'' in my ROBLOX movie?

    97. i play roblox


    98. Darryl Kiprop

      Why is Dixie famous

      1. dolita windo

        do nd o cristiano ahahhhhahhhhhaa

    99. Xcraz3d

      i could listen to this guys story for days lmao

    100. doire aintu

      Dixie would be so good at paparazzi because she knows where everyone lives 🙃